Chabi is your all-in-one data stack with state of the art data warehouse and personalized analytics built right in. Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, Chabi is tailored to meet your unique BI and data needs.

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Why Chabi

 Chabiin-house analytics

Single platform with all your data and out of the box analytics

Turnkey & fully managed Snowflake data warehouse

Seamless data syncing with no-code connectors

Fully featured and personalized analytics

AI and data powered Chabi Apps



different data sources in one central source of truth!

Tailor-made business operating system that enables faster and smarter decisions

Companies worldwide trust Chabi



I had no idea what our true Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) was until we started using Chabi software. It was a game-changer! Chabi's powerful analytics uncovered hidden secrets within our data, revealing that we had been leaving millions of dollars on the table. Armed with this eye-opening information, we realized the need to invest significantly more in Facebook ads to unlock our full revenue potential.

CEO/Founder 🇺🇸
Retail Case Study

Chabi’s out of the box vitals dashboard is truly a game changer. It helps me keep a pulse on my entire business. We love the Chabi team. They are always available. Their automated investor data-room is a game changer for fundraising!

VP Finance 🇺🇸

Chabi has given our whole team visibility into the core KPIs we use to manage our business in real-time. Having dashboards that provide a pulse of our business enables our team to make better more informed decisions so we are not just moving faster but moving in sync as a team. We finally have a reliable source of truth that is powerful enough to answer questions from all our stakeholders in the business. In short, without Chabi we were running blind. Today we have clarity and it has transformed our business decision making.

VP Analytics 🇮🇱
SaaS Case Study

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